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Here are all the secrets to the new, simple, clothing catalog. You may be suprised by these!

ADD: Press the “S” in “T-shirts” on page 8 for the spikester.


On page 9, press the “E” in “Penguins At Work” for the spikette.


The blue dot at the end of page 11 has the fruit headress.


Click the flowers on the flower pot on page 14 for the red viking helmet. Exit that window and click the flowers 4 more times for the blue viking helmet!


ADD: Press the beak on the penguin with a green turtle neck on page 14.


The carrot nose on the snowman on the first page of clearance contains the yellow scarf.


UPDATE: On the 4th page of clearance click the second “A” for a pink pom-pom toque.


Click the “L” in “CLEARANCE” on the last page for a red hoodie.


Did you like this catalog? Anything you were hoping for that came back?

Hello Penguins. Screenhog here.

Decide, Design, Draw, 3D… We thought you might want to see how we make an item for Club Penguin:

Step 1: Decide. Usually, items are related to what events are happening that month, or where it will be used (like the costumes in the Costume Trunk).

Step 2: Design it. A rough drawing is made of what we think the item should look like (in this case, a tuba).

aTubaRoughFinala.gifStep 3: A final drawing is made. This is a clean-up of the rough drawing, with detail, color, and shading added. The icon is also made (this is the drawing of the item that’s in your inventory).

Step 4: The clothing item is then made in 3D.
Finally, it’s done!

Are there any clothing items that you’d like us to make? Are there any older clothing items that you would like to come back?

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Note: These are exactly what Screenhog said

Drag the mop on page 4 outside of the dojo. Then mop up the sky outside.


Move the lime green paint for another coin on page 6!


Drag the paintball around until it dries out on page 8.


Want to see the rest of the cheats? Click below to read the rest!
On page 10 click the penguin and make him clean the roof.


Go to page 12 and click the highlighted dojo walls from left to right.


On page 14 drag the paint bucket to either side.


Once the green penguin leaves you can pick up two lamps and click on the mazes.


For the final coin, empty the blow-up octapus.


If you get all the coins, you’ll have 800 more coins in your wallet




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